Thursday, June 10, 2010

Celtx may or may not be right for you

If you're in the market for both screenwriting and pre-production organization software, don't waste time and cash getting two separate programs. First, try out Celtx, an open-source software program  that we discovered and thought would be a great resource for filmmakers, particularly amateur and low-budget filmmakers.

Celtx is free to download and--for the most part--free to operate. The software includes: screenwriting software; pre-visaualization tools for storyboarding and set diagrams; productivity tools to keep you on schedule as you plan and shoot; access to Celtx forums where you can publish your work and get feedback and peer reviews from other Celtx users.  (Click here to read more)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Educated: Community-Minded Television and creativeLIVE, and your ideas!

With the 48-Hour Film Festival on its way, we wanted to share a few resources--CMTV14 and creativeLIVE--for brushing up on your skills or learning new ones.

These resources are also great for those out there who saw the announcement for the 48-Hour Film Festival, but don't feel ready to compete. Let us know below if you know of any additional resources!

Photo courtesy of B Uncie on Flickr.

You know about Community-Minded Television Channel 14, but did you know that you can take cheap classes on video production and even rent equipment from CMTV14 for approved projects?

Before taking any classes at CMTV14, you'll have to go through the station's Orientation, which takes place at 5:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Once you've gone through Orientation, five classes are available to you. You'll have to call CMTV14 at (509)444-3381 or email for class dates and times.

High-Def Camera Certification (1 hour; Free)
Get certified to use CMTV14's Sony HDV cameras.
Intro to Video Production (12 hours in two parts; $75)
This class is an immersive experience--learn to use a digital camera and non-linear editing system while producing a short film project.
Photoshop 1 (8 hours; $100)
Learn to manipulate images and dapple in graphic design.
Illustrator (8 hours; $100)
Get the knowledge to create your own graphics for print, web and video.
Final Cut Pro 1 (8 hours; $100)
Learn to use the professional editing software--workflow, digitizing, audio and video manipulation and more will be discussed. (Previous non-linear editing experience is required for this class.)

Once you've been trained, you can use CMTV14's equipment--usually for a project to air on CMTV14.

Learn new skills for free(ish) online with streaming classes on creativeLIVE.

The brainchild of photographer Chase Jarvis and a few other people, creativeLIVE is, as Jarvis describes it "free, live creative education"--available worldwide. creativeLIVE is a site that offers various online art classes--from "Watercolor 101" to "HDDSLR Cinemas with Vincent Laforet."

Sign up for the classes and catch them steaming live, and they're free. Miss a class, or want to take a classes that's already completed, you'll have to download and pay for the classes, but even then you can watch a whole 10-week course for just $129. With top-notch instructors and luxury of learning on your own time at your own pace, it's a great value.

Check out an ad for the site:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ReelSpokane: Second Reel

There were so many great shows submitted for the ReelSpokane: Spring 2010 A Homegrown Film Event, that we were not able to share nearly as many shows as we hoped to at the first showing, which sold out fast.
It was clear to us at Wednesday night's show that there was a great deal of interest in screening the other shows as well, so we spoke with The Magic Lantern and reserved this coming Wednesday to show more of the submissions, this go around titled ReelSpokane: Second Reel.
The show will begin at 7 PM on that Wednesday June 9th. Tickets are $5 per seat, and will be available the Tuesday night before at 6PM for pre-sales at The Magic Lantern.  be sure to pick them up ahead of time as those 90 seats go fast!  (Wednesday's show sold out well before the show began.)

Here is the show program for Wednesday June 9th:
Little Dipper - Jonathan Buckley
A woman wants a small glass of pudding and is thwarted by over-sized silverware. She calls for help and a mysterious man come to her aid with a little dipper.
Gone - Isaac Joslin
Doug has problems.
All in the Mind - Jon Barney
A young man is about to lose his contract with his literary agent due to his difficulties focusing on his writing. The distraction? His desire to pair himself with a member of the opposite sex. His solution? Watch the film and find out.
The Hunter - Tiffany Connolly
An old hunter recalls his youth and the magical encounter that changed his life. 
Battle's End - Jon Barney
A war veteran searches for the wife of a fallen comrade, in an effort to fulfill his friend's dying wish.
In Case It Rains - Maile Allen
When Cailin meets Jim she thinks she’s found her perfect match. As it all falls to pieces she must learn only she can put herself back together.
American Dancer - The Original Breaker - Aaron Fink
A rare multimedia glimpse into the groundbreaking art and life of one, Phillip Yancy Butler. He will put a smile on your face, then smack it to the ground as he changes your whole perception of the world and what "dance" really means.
Torture for Idiots - Jeremy Belt
Two guys must torture the man they just kidnapped, but they don't have any idea how to do it.
Disintegration: The Life of Jonathan Willoughby - Adam Harum
A documentary crew is hired to follow employees around at an accounting firm. What starts as a boring day soon turns interesting when John Willoughby accused of fraud. Despite his efforts to prove his innocence, his life begins to disintegrate around him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Man ouT Show Auditions June 10th at 6 PM

Spokane's very own quirky webisode grindhouse is looking for talent for their second season of "The Man ouT Show." Started by Nathan Brand and Adam Pitzler in the summer of 2008, and inspired by the long ago canceled show "Renegade," the show will leave you in stitches at times, scratching your head at others. Their web site explains that they are fueled by a desire to bring "Renegade's" Lorenzo Lamas and Branscombe Richmond back in a reunion of action scenes and sight gags, and peppered with acrobatic tumbles and leaps

You can watch his action comedy at their official web site, their MySpace Web Site, or on their YouTube Channel.  More information on "The Man ouT Show's" casting call can be found on their Cragslist post.

Click here to see a trailer from the show...

Spokane 48-hour Film Festival Strikes Again!

Typically, the 48-Hour Film Festival in Spokane is held in conjunction with First Night Spokane.  But festival sponsor North By Northwest has decided to shake things up and hold a second 48-Hour Film Festival in June, probably because the production house is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

 32 (!) teams of local filmmakers competed in the last 48HFF, which took place December 4-6th 2009. People's and Judges' Choice winners were screened at First Night, and a handful of 48HFF entries were shown at the Spokane International Film Festival. Click here to read more...

Writers Keep Writing -- FAVES Writers Group

A few months back, FAVES birthed a satellite group: the FAVES Writers Group. So we thought we'd give you an update--and maybe entice some of you shy writers out there to join us!
Our Goal: To support film-related writing and to provide other members with productive feedback on their projects. In two words: encouragement and education.

Our Members: Our members range from people taking their first forays into fictional writing to people who are currently shopping screenplays to people who read screenplays as a part of their jobs. Click Here to read more...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eastern Washington University's Film Program 2010 Senior Screenings

If you didn't get your fill of short film goodness last night, then try to hold out until next week you can get a dose of some more right after Memorial Day!

Tom Mullin of Eastern Washington University's Electronic Media, Theatre and Film program out in Cheney Washington just announced screening times for the current crop of senior students graduating this spring from the program. They will take place on Tuesday June 1, Thursday June 3, and Friday June 4 from 2 PM to 3:30 PM.

The series of screenings will take place out in Cheney in the Radio and Television building's screening room RTV 101.  Each screening will have a new set of films, so be sure to catch all three days worth starting from 2 PM to 3:30 PM to see all the work these students have completed.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

KNIFVES Hosts Washington Film Works in Spokane

KNIFVES, the Northwest Independent Film and Entertainment Society (note, you may wish to mute your speakers before clicking the link) will be holding their May general meeting this Thursday at the Davenport Hotel.

This month the special speakers will be Washington Film Works Executive Director Amy Lillard Dee and Production Services Manager Lindsey Johnson. Amy and Lindsey will discuss the beginnings of the Washington State Film Office, which grew into Washington Filmworks, whose mission "is to encourage growth in the film and video production industry for the economic benefit of Washington state." They offer support for services such as location scouting and financial incentives to encourage the development of Washington's film industry, by making washington a "premiere destination for motion picture production." To learn more  about Washington Filmworks, you can find their site at

The meeting begins at 11:30 AM on Thursday May 27th, is free to KNIFVES members and first time attendees, and will take place in the Davenport Hotel's Peacock Room (10 South Post Street Spokane, WA 99201). There is a $5 Facility Fee for non-members. Lunch will be available and ranges from $8-$12. Members should  RSVP to Perspective and non-members should RSVP to Dawn Richard at

Sunday, May 23, 2010

George A Romero's Survival Of The Dead

The sixth installment of horror master George A Romero's Dead series is finally coming to theater's, and you can watch it here in Spokane on May 31st at The Cretin Hop.

Survival Of The Dead was first released back in September of 2009, making the rounds at festivals such as Venice Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and Vienna International Film Festival, it was released on DVD in the UK and on Video on Demand in the states earlier this year, but has yet to be seen on the big screen by wide audiences.

Now is your chance to see it at The Cretin Hop here in Spokane, and for the low, low price of free... though The Cretin Hop asks that you make a donation, in this case starting around $3.00. Click here to read more about this new addition to the classic Romero series.

Friday, May 21, 2010

ReelSpokane: Homegrown Film Events Spring 2010 Lineup

We're excited to announce the lineup for ReelSpokane: Homegrown Film Events Spring 2010.

We received 18 fantastic submissions from filmmakers around the Inland Northwest. It was a difficult process, but our judges narrowed them down to eight for ReelSpokane's approximately 100-minute time limit (shows are listed below).

Join us at the Magic Lantern Theatre at 7pm on Wednesday, May 26th to see all eight. Entries that aren't in the show will still be available on our Website,

Admission is $5.  Entries compete for awards (including bragging rights until the next ReelSpokane).  So bring your friends and support local filmmakers.

UPDATE: You can pre-purchase tickets at the Magic Lantern -- ask at the register!

See you there!


ReelSpokane Spring 2010 Lineup:

Films listed in alphabetical order. Descriptions below are provided by the filmmakers.

Debbie and Bob - JerreMarie Freshley
A mini-documentary about a man who comes to terms with his sexuality and gender identification.

Disintegration: The Life of Jonathan Willoughby - Adam Harum
A documentary crew is hired to follow employees around at an accounting firm. What starts as a boring day soon turns interesting when John Willoughby is accused of fraud. Despite his efforts to prove his innocence, his life begins to disintegrate around him.

Ectoplasmic Activity - Brett Anderson
Our heroes, The Ghostbusters, are investigating what appears to be just another work-a-day ghost roundup call, but when they get bad directions, things get a bit out of control.

Fade - Adam Harum
After his wife slips into a coma, Evan Reave is left alone and heartbroken. With no one left to turn to, Evan decides to find the man responsible. As Evan's investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that his obsessive quest for revenge is beginning to literally tear him apart.

Nick Rowland: Dead End Town - Aaron Fink
A lo-fi VHS music video masterpiece for Nick Rowland's "Dead End Town."

Portrait of an Artist - Aaron Fink
A portrait of an artist.

Route Green: From JD with Love - David Heckler
A journey into the mind of the modern veteran infantryman of the Iraq war. The dance of morality, ethics, and disturbing imagery is narrated in startling detail.

Women and Technology: A Losing Game - Nathan Brand
A mock documentary on the subject of women and technology.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Your Kid's RED RIDING Hood

IFC Film's "Red Riding Trilogy" is a trio of films set from the mid-70s to the mid-80s based on the events surrounding the Yorkshire Ripper as depicted in David Peace's series of Red Riding novels.  Two of the three films are playing at the Magic Lantern this week. The Lantern is screening the first two films in the series, "Red Riding (1974)" and "Red Riding (1980)."(More)

Update: ReelSpokane Spring 2010

We here at FAVES would just like to send out a big thank you to everyone who helped spread the word for our call for ReelSpokane Spring 2010 entries. We have received a dozen entries from all over the region, and will be putting them in front of our judges eyes this week. At the end of this week we will be announcing the selections that will be shown at ReelSpokane Spring 2010's screening Monday Wednesday May 26th at 7:00 PM at the Magic Lantern Theatre.

One note I would like to share is that this time around we have collected an entry fee, and admission to the showing on the 26th will be $5.00 per person. This is a departure from our first showing back in December, but due to costs incurred this time around it was a tough decision we had to make.

The films we have received are all great pieces and we look forward to the tough decisions we will be making this week to select those that we will be showing at the Magic Lantern Theatre, and we hope to see you all there. Remember, there are only 90 or so seats available so come early to get yours!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Times Talks Live at Regal Northtown Mall 12 on May 20th -- Pick the Brains of the Executive Producers of "LOST"

With the LOST finale event beginning next weekend on May 23rd, LOST fans (myself included) are wondering how they'll live with without their weekly dose of LOST.

One way to delay withdrawal and support your obsession with LOST is to catch Times Talks Live on Thursday, May 20th at 8pm at the Regal Northtown Mall 12.

Times Talks Live is an interview series sponsored by the New York Times... (More)

FREE showing of "Milk" at the Garland Theatre May 20th, sponsored by OutSpokane

If you haven't seen "Milk" (2008), you'd better get over to the Garland Theatre on May 20th.

In the run-up to OutSpokane's annual Pride Celebration, the organization is sponsoring a free showing of the much-lauded "Milk" starring Sean Penn in an Oscar-winning performance as gay rights icon, Harvey Milk.
In 1978, Milk became the first openly gay man to hold public office after he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. "Milk" chronicles Milk's political awakening and subsequent political campaigns for office in San Francisco, all of which occurred after Milk turned 40 after a life lived in the the closet. (More)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Water" (2005) Directed by Deepa Mehta , SFCC International Film Festival

The SFCC International Film Festival is coming to a close next Tuesday with "Water" (2005), directed by Deepa Metha.

According to one of the organizers, the festival's done well this year, with more non-student community members attending than ever before! Ticket proceeds go to funding for next year's festival, so high attendance ensures that SFCC brings more quality foreign films to Spokane. Some of the films had their first (and only) showings in Spokane through the SFCC International Film Festival, so thanks to SFCC for bringing them to town!

Next Tuesday, May 18th, the festival will screen Deepa Metha's third installment in her Fire/Earth/Water trilogy. Set in 1938, "Water" (2005) examines the rigidity of roles assigned to widows and the possibilities of increased freedom for these women at a pivotal moment in Indian history, themes that parallel those in many of Metha's other films.

Here's an excerpt from an article in the Inlander:

[Water] tells the story of Hindu widows forced to live in a spare ashram. Eight-year-old Chuyia is a child-wife-turned-widow who’s perhaps doomed to spend her entire life in the “widow’s house.” Kalyani is a beautiful widow pimped out by the ashram’s leader to pay the bills. She falls in love with one of Gandhi’s followers, but her past may come to haunt her future. 

Watch the trailer:

Catch "Water" at 7pm on Tuesday, May 18th at the Garland Theatre.