Friday, June 4, 2010

Spokane 48-hour Film Festival Strikes Again!

Typically, the 48-Hour Film Festival in Spokane is held in conjunction with First Night Spokane.  But festival sponsor North By Northwest has decided to shake things up and hold a second 48-Hour Film Festival in June, probably because the production house is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

 32 (!) teams of local filmmakers competed in the last 48HFF, which took place December 4-6th 2009. People's and Judges' Choice winners were screened at First Night, and a handful of 48HFF entries were shown at the Spokane International Film Festival. Click here to read more...

If you've never heard of the 48-Hour Film Festival before--or its inspiration, Cannes Film Festival's 48 Hour Film Project, an international competition held in cities from Salt Lake City to Seoul, South Korea--here's a general outline:

1) You and your team register.
2) Your team attends a general meeting with all other teams in which the parameters of the competition are outlined. For the last 48HFF, each team had to draw a random genre and include the following in their films:
                  - Prop: Ziploc bag
                  - Place: A Restuarant
                  - Line: "Is it your head?...arms?...legs? What? Just tell me."
3) Write, act, film and edit your film within 48 hours. Make sure it's under 5 minutes in length.
4) Submit your film to NXNW.

It's a tall order. Only 26 of the 32 competing teams in December completed their projects. Read NXNW's blogs about the event.

Watch the Judges' Choice, "Operation: Greenman" by Shorty Heaven:

Watch the People's Choice, "Exposure" by Breakfast Productions:

Exposure - a 48 hour film from Rajah on Vimeo.

Psyched to participate? Start by registering -- the registration form is below and available on NXNW's Facebook page.

Awards will given for Best Director, Best Cinematography and Best Use of the 48-Hour Parameters. All award finalists will get to attend NXNW's 20th Anniversary Party.

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