Sunday, May 23, 2010

George A Romero's Survival Of The Dead

The sixth installment of horror master George A Romero's Dead series is finally coming to theater's, and you can watch it here in Spokane on May 31st at The Cretin Hop.

Survival Of The Dead was first released back in September of 2009, making the rounds at festivals such as Venice Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and Vienna International Film Festival, it was released on DVD in the UK and on Video on Demand in the states earlier this year, but has yet to be seen on the big screen by wide audiences.

Now is your chance to see it at The Cretin Hop here in Spokane, and for the low, low price of free... though The Cretin Hop asks that you make a donation, in this case starting around $3.00. Click here to read more about this new addition to the classic Romero series.

Romero's "of the Dead" series began back in 1968 with the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, which can be watched online for free at

It was followed in 1978 with the shopping mall horror flick Dawn of the Dead (which was re-made in 2004 directed by Zack Snyder).

Day of the Dead was completed in 1985. We find a small group of military personal and scientists have survived in a world overrun by the dead, who seek out other survivors and a cure for the zombie transformation process.

Ten years later, Land of the Dead (2005), brings us to a walled off city of survivors, led by Dennis Hopper, where the rich have become richer, and the poor have become poorer.

2007's Diary of the Dead is a revisiting of the time when the dead begin to walk told from the experiences of some students from the University of Pittsburgh, who try to reach the home of one of the students parents and find themselves fleeing from zombies as they go.  

Now Survival Of The Dead takes us to an island whose inhabitants are not only striving to thrive in the world of zombie hordes, but long for a cure for their family members turned zombie. You can catch George A Romero's Survival Of The Dead at The Cretin Hop (1317 N. Howard Street Spokane, WA 99021 509-327-7195 cell 509-368-4077) on May 31st, at 9:00 PM. Suggested donation of $3.00.

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