Friday, May 21, 2010

ReelSpokane: Homegrown Film Events Spring 2010 Lineup

We're excited to announce the lineup for ReelSpokane: Homegrown Film Events Spring 2010.

We received 18 fantastic submissions from filmmakers around the Inland Northwest. It was a difficult process, but our judges narrowed them down to eight for ReelSpokane's approximately 100-minute time limit (shows are listed below).

Join us at the Magic Lantern Theatre at 7pm on Wednesday, May 26th to see all eight. Entries that aren't in the show will still be available on our Website,

Admission is $5.  Entries compete for awards (including bragging rights until the next ReelSpokane).  So bring your friends and support local filmmakers.

UPDATE: You can pre-purchase tickets at the Magic Lantern -- ask at the register!

See you there!


ReelSpokane Spring 2010 Lineup:

Films listed in alphabetical order. Descriptions below are provided by the filmmakers.

Debbie and Bob - JerreMarie Freshley
A mini-documentary about a man who comes to terms with his sexuality and gender identification.

Disintegration: The Life of Jonathan Willoughby - Adam Harum
A documentary crew is hired to follow employees around at an accounting firm. What starts as a boring day soon turns interesting when John Willoughby is accused of fraud. Despite his efforts to prove his innocence, his life begins to disintegrate around him.

Ectoplasmic Activity - Brett Anderson
Our heroes, The Ghostbusters, are investigating what appears to be just another work-a-day ghost roundup call, but when they get bad directions, things get a bit out of control.

Fade - Adam Harum
After his wife slips into a coma, Evan Reave is left alone and heartbroken. With no one left to turn to, Evan decides to find the man responsible. As Evan's investigation progresses, it becomes apparent that his obsessive quest for revenge is beginning to literally tear him apart.

Nick Rowland: Dead End Town - Aaron Fink
A lo-fi VHS music video masterpiece for Nick Rowland's "Dead End Town."

Portrait of an Artist - Aaron Fink
A portrait of an artist.

Route Green: From JD with Love - David Heckler
A journey into the mind of the modern veteran infantryman of the Iraq war. The dance of morality, ethics, and disturbing imagery is narrated in startling detail.

Women and Technology: A Losing Game - Nathan Brand
A mock documentary on the subject of women and technology.

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