Friday, June 4, 2010

Man ouT Show Auditions June 10th at 6 PM

Spokane's very own quirky webisode grindhouse is looking for talent for their second season of "The Man ouT Show." Started by Nathan Brand and Adam Pitzler in the summer of 2008, and inspired by the long ago canceled show "Renegade," the show will leave you in stitches at times, scratching your head at others. Their web site explains that they are fueled by a desire to bring "Renegade's" Lorenzo Lamas and Branscombe Richmond back in a reunion of action scenes and sight gags, and peppered with acrobatic tumbles and leaps

You can watch his action comedy at their official web site, their MySpace Web Site, or on their YouTube Channel.  More information on "The Man ouT Show's" casting call can be found on their Cragslist post.

Click here to see a trailer from the show...

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