Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Water" (2005) Directed by Deepa Mehta , SFCC International Film Festival

The SFCC International Film Festival is coming to a close next Tuesday with "Water" (2005), directed by Deepa Metha.

According to one of the organizers, the festival's done well this year, with more non-student community members attending than ever before! Ticket proceeds go to funding for next year's festival, so high attendance ensures that SFCC brings more quality foreign films to Spokane. Some of the films had their first (and only) showings in Spokane through the SFCC International Film Festival, so thanks to SFCC for bringing them to town!

Next Tuesday, May 18th, the festival will screen Deepa Metha's third installment in her Fire/Earth/Water trilogy. Set in 1938, "Water" (2005) examines the rigidity of roles assigned to widows and the possibilities of increased freedom for these women at a pivotal moment in Indian history, themes that parallel those in many of Metha's other films.

Here's an excerpt from an article in the Inlander:

[Water] tells the story of Hindu widows forced to live in a spare ashram. Eight-year-old Chuyia is a child-wife-turned-widow who’s perhaps doomed to spend her entire life in the “widow’s house.” Kalyani is a beautiful widow pimped out by the ashram’s leader to pay the bills. She falls in love with one of Gandhi’s followers, but her past may come to haunt her future. 

Watch the trailer:

Catch "Water" at 7pm on Tuesday, May 18th at the Garland Theatre.

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  1. If you a fan of Deepa, you may want to check out the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF). She will the Guest Judge for this year's festival.

    TUFF is currently looking for submissions. Films must be 1-minute in length, silent and be based on an "urban" theme.

    For submission details, go to: