Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ReelSpokane: Second Reel

There were so many great shows submitted for the ReelSpokane: Spring 2010 A Homegrown Film Event, that we were not able to share nearly as many shows as we hoped to at the first showing, which sold out fast.
It was clear to us at Wednesday night's show that there was a great deal of interest in screening the other shows as well, so we spoke with The Magic Lantern and reserved this coming Wednesday to show more of the submissions, this go around titled ReelSpokane: Second Reel.
The show will begin at 7 PM on that Wednesday June 9th. Tickets are $5 per seat, and will be available the Tuesday night before at 6PM for pre-sales at The Magic Lantern.  be sure to pick them up ahead of time as those 90 seats go fast!  (Wednesday's show sold out well before the show began.)

Here is the show program for Wednesday June 9th:
Little Dipper - Jonathan Buckley
A woman wants a small glass of pudding and is thwarted by over-sized silverware. She calls for help and a mysterious man come to her aid with a little dipper.
Gone - Isaac Joslin
Doug has problems.
All in the Mind - Jon Barney
A young man is about to lose his contract with his literary agent due to his difficulties focusing on his writing. The distraction? His desire to pair himself with a member of the opposite sex. His solution? Watch the film and find out.
The Hunter - Tiffany Connolly
An old hunter recalls his youth and the magical encounter that changed his life. 
Battle's End - Jon Barney
A war veteran searches for the wife of a fallen comrade, in an effort to fulfill his friend's dying wish.
In Case It Rains - Maile Allen
When Cailin meets Jim she thinks she’s found her perfect match. As it all falls to pieces she must learn only she can put herself back together.
American Dancer - The Original Breaker - Aaron Fink
A rare multimedia glimpse into the groundbreaking art and life of one, Phillip Yancy Butler. He will put a smile on your face, then smack it to the ground as he changes your whole perception of the world and what "dance" really means.
Torture for Idiots - Jeremy Belt
Two guys must torture the man they just kidnapped, but they don't have any idea how to do it.
Disintegration: The Life of Jonathan Willoughby - Adam Harum
A documentary crew is hired to follow employees around at an accounting firm. What starts as a boring day soon turns interesting when John Willoughby accused of fraud. Despite his efforts to prove his innocence, his life begins to disintegrate around him.

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