Monday, May 10, 2010

le Grande Voyage - Your Second to last chance to catch SFCC's 2010 International Film Festival

The fourth of the five films being brought to Spokane by the Spokane Falls Community College International FIlm Festival, le Grande Voyage, is the story of a high school age muslim and his father from france traveling for their pilgrimage to Mecca, and how the time spent in this journey allows them to work through their personal, and generational differences.  The films french writer/director Ismael Ferroukhi has said his film is:
"A tribute to the 97% of Muslims we never hear about in the Western world".

The film will be shown at The Garland Theatre at 924 West Garland Ave. this Tuesday, May 11th at 7:25 PM.  Tickets are free to SFCC students with ID, $3.50 to the general public.

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