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Get Lit! Screen Related Events!

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Get Lit!, EWU's annual week-long celebration of literature is coming up next month, April 14th-20th.
The festival will feature a number of films adapted from or revolving around literature, and a panel on screenwriting.
You can get all the info on Get Lit! on the festival's website at
We've pasted all the blurbs on screen related events below (thanks to Get Lit!'s website!):

From Page to Screen
Saturday, April 17  -  noon-1pm  -  Hotel Lusso
Four screenwriting professionals will discuss how writing for film means gearing words on the page towards a visual experience. Don Caron is the co-author of multiple screenplays, including The Basket. Richard Russo has written an adaptation* of his own novel, as well as original screenplays. Marvin Smith is the chair of EWU Dept of Media, Theatre, and Film and worked as a script consultant to MGM and PBS. Jess Walter has written or co-written several scripts, including an adaptation of his latest book
*If this intrigues you, check out Get Lit! Flicks, featuring Twilight, a Richard Russo film.

Get Lit! Flicks Round One

Wednesday, April 14  -  6:30-9pm  -  The Magic Lantern Theatre  -  $10
Child of the Dead End is a documentary based on the life of Patrick MacGill, Irish author of Child of the Dead End and The Rat Pit, both vivid accounts of life for the itinerant Irish laborer of the early twentieth century. Event includes a talk with the acclaimed filmmaker Desmond Bell, Irish storytelling by Steven Schneider, and music by Ruby Devine.

Thursday, April 15  -  6:30-9pm  -  The Magic Lantern Theatre  -  $7each/$10 double feature
The Last Storyteller? follows the life of a folklore collector hired by the Irish government in the early 20th century to preserve the ancient Irish oral tradition of fairy stories. Before the film, Steven Schneider will give a talk on Irish folklore. The second film in this double-feature is  Rebel Frontier, based on Dashiell Hammett’s Red Harvest. This film follows the labor unrest in the mines of Butte, Montana during World War I. Director Desmond Bell, Ireland’s first professor of media studies, noted for his innovative approach to documentaries, will introduce these films.

Get Lit! Flicks Round Two 

Tuesday, April 20 5pm and 7:15pm  -  The Magic Lantern Theatre  -  $7each/$10 double feature

White Oleander 5pm
Based on the best-selling novel by Janet Fitch, White Oleander tells the story of Astrid, a girl whose journey through a series of foster homes-each with its own hard lessons to be learned-becomes a redeeming journey of self-discovery. Starring Alison Lohman, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Renée Zellweger, among others.
Twilight 7:15pm
This crime/thriller, released in 1988, was co-written by Richard Russo and stars Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon, and Gene Hackman. It seems some people can buy their way out of anything, except the past. Newman plays a retired ex-cop who gets caught up in a 20-year-old murder case. 

Prayer in America 5pm
Inspired by James P. Moore's book, Prayer in America, this film examines the ways in which prayer has contributed to and continues to shape the American experience. This diverse documentary includes interviews with a wide-ranging group of scholars, writers, and experts-such as Dr. Reza Aslan-on the history of religion and prayer in America.
What's on Your Plate? 7:15pm
As they explore their place in the food chain, two inner-city eleven-year-olds explore questions regarding the origin, cultivation, transportation, preparation, and disposal of the food they eat. Anna Lappé contributes in this documentary on food politics. Screen this film, then consider bringing it to a local school as a guide for the next generation. 

Enjoy some great films, advice and community-building!

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