Monday, May 3, 2010

"Mad Blood" Local Zombie Flick Showing at the Cretin Hop

Last August, local amateur filmmaker Jonah Vigil started gathering forces. Vigil, using his "no-budget production company," Running Stills, pulled together a bunch of friends and other zombie-lovers, slathered them in fake blood and created a 35-minute zombie movie. Complete with lesbian zombie kisses and naked zombie attacks, Vigil's "Mad Blood" is the kind of zombie film a young John Waters might have made. Watch videos by Running Stills on Myspace.

Nine months later, "Mad Blood" is ready to be born and will be having its world premiere at the Cretin Hop on May 11th with musical guest Hidde Hanenburg of The Dearly Departed.

There are only 50 seats at the Hop, so make sure you reserve a spot! RSVP on Facebook.

 Watch the trailer:

"Mad Blood" (2010) -- Free
May 11th at 8:30pm at the Cretin Hop (1317 N. Howard).

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