Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SFCC International Film Festival

SFCC kicked off its fifth annual International Film Festival this week at The Garland Theatre.

Five award-winning films, some of which have never shown in Spokane before, will be playing until May 18th.

All films are free for SFCC students with ID and $3.50 for all others. The money raised by this festival will fund next year's, so support our local students!
Here are descriptions of the remaining films in the festival, courtesy of Bonnie Brunt, the Spanish Instructor at SFCC who refused to let the festival die after budget cuts:

April 27: Fremde Haut / Unveiled (2005)
Germany / Austria
In German and Persian with English subtitles
Drama (97 minutes)

Presented by Barbara Williamson, SFCC Faculty, English

Persecuted by Iranian authorities for a lesbian relationship, Fariba seeks asylum in Germany but is denied and returned to her home country where she is locked in a detainment center. When her male cellmate commits suicide she assumes his identity and is sent to a refugee camp in a German village, where she obtains illegal work and struggles to keep her secret from a well-meaning female friend.  

May 4: Sin nombre / Without a Name (2009)
Mexico / USA
In Spanish with English subtitles
Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller (96 minutes)
Won best cinematography and directing at Sundance Film Festival

Presented by Yvonne Lopez Morton, chair State Human Rights Commission for Washington State, former chair of Hispanic Commission

Fleeing retaliation from the violent Central American street gang he has deserted, young hood Casper boards a northbound train, where he takes refuge on top of the moving freight cars and hopes for a fresh start in a new country. Dodging authorities and other dangers, he finds a new friend in Sayra, a Honduran girl also making a run for the American border.

May 11: Le Grande Voyage / The Grand Voyage (2004)

France / Morocco
In French and Arabic with English subtitles
Drama (108 minutes)
Nominated for BAFTA for Best Film Not in English Language

Presented by Elodie Phan, SFCC Faculty, French

A few weeks before his high school final exam Réda is chosen to drive his aging father from southern France to Mecca for the traditional pilgrimage. From the start, the journey promises to be difficult, as Réda and his father are separated by culture, language and religion. Réda is a modern young man who does not speak Arabic and cares little about his father’s deep sense of religion. As their journey progresses, their adventures and misadventures bring father and son closer, forcing mutual recognition and reconciliation.

May 18: Water (2005)
Canada / India
In Hindi with English subtitles
Drama / Romance (117 minutes)
Nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2007

After losing her husband to illness, 8-year-old Chuyia is forced to live out the rest of her days in a temple for Hindu widows, communing with 14 other women and a cruel headmistress who agrees to take her in. But it's through the trials of another widow, a beautiful prostitute named Kalyani who's being courted by a man from a higher caste, that Chuyia learns the true restrictions of widowhood.

Check out the SFCC International Film Festival Website, and also the Facebook event page.

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