Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calls for Submissions

Attention all filmmakers with shorts to show!

We have two calls for submissions for short works, one local and one from across the state.

In Spokane, CMTV14 is looking for 15-30 segments showcasing local art and music:

Here's a copy of the submission form, also available on CMTV14's website at http://www.community-mindedtv.org/ (click on "Artist Showcase Submissions"):

In Seattle, Tall Beers and Short Shorts, an organization dedicated to putting on quarterly film screenings of works made in the Pacific Northwest, wants some East side representation.

Here's part of an email we received from filmmaker and video producer Morgan Dusatko (thelastquest.org):

We are looking for short films, maximum 20 minutes (most of our movies are in the 5 - 12 minute range), that are any combination of: fun, interesting, challenging, daring, weird, funny, and heartfelt.  We screen a good mix of narrative, experimental, documentary, and music video. 

Our mission to is highlight short films made in the Northwest, provide filmmakers another opportunity to get their work seen, and to provide our audience an accessible venue for watching short films.  Our last screening was awesome with a great turnout, but we are sorely lacking from films made in Eastern Washington, or made by people that live in Eastern Washington.  We are trying to make an active effort to include films from your area, not only because we are curious at the what the artists in the inland Northwest are up to, but also to help all of us build our regional networks, and to share our audiences.

Find out more information about the screenings and/or to submit your work, go to: tallbeersandshortshorts.com.

Good luck!!!

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