Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay Cool & Stay Posted: Events & FAVES News

Stay Cool -- By Attending These Events:

FAVES social meeting next week on Tuesday, January 26th at 5:30pm at Isabella's (21 W. Main Ave)! Stop by for a drink, discuss your latest projects and spend some quality time with other FAVES members.

Spokane International Film Festival (SpIFF) kicks off Thursday, January 28th at 7pm at AMC theatres with "Soundtrack for a Revolution," which is currently one of 15 films in the running for the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award, and preceding short, "The Mouse that Soared."
An Opening Party with food, wine, music and chit-chat at River Park Square will follow. The director of "The Mouse that Soared," Kyle Bell, will attend.

SpIFF runs until February 7th, with films showing at AMC, the Garland and the Magic Lantern. SpIFF will feature films from across the globe, from South Korea to Argentina to Norway.
Fans of blood and gore will appreciate SpIFF's teaming up with Horror Fest IV, with "ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction" showing at the Garland Theatre and other heart-stoppers screening at the Magic Lantern.

Those you of who've always wanted to question a director after viewing one of their films are in luck! With SpIFF, FAVES will be hosting two Filmmaker Forums at the Magic Lantern on Saturday, January 30th at 2pm and Sunday, February 7th at 2pm.
The Forums will be attended by directors with films in the festival. Admission to the Forms is the stub from a ticket to one of the attending directors' films. Forum 1 will feature: animator Kyle Bell ("Mouse that Soared"), fiction director Kevin Hamedani ("Zombies of Mass Destruction"), and documentary directors Michel O. Scott ("The Horse Boy"), Denise Bennett ("Pups") and Jeremy Seifert ("DIVE!"). Forum 2 will feature: documentary directors Kimberly Reed ("Prodigal Sons") and Jessica Oreck ("Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo"), fiction directors Ben Chace, Sam Fleischner, and Sean Bones ("Wah Do Dem") and local director's Jason McKee ("Lady Luck") and Lonny Waddle ("The Bothe Story").

Tickets to individual films are $10 and $5 for Horror Fest IV; five-film passes are available for $45. The Opening Film & Party is $25 for the film and party; $15 for the party only.
Showtimes and info, tickets and passes are available at

Stay Posted:

FAVES Documentary Filmmakers Panel is still airing on Community-Minded Television Channel 14 (CMTV14), but our September Screenwriter's Panel will soon replace it. (Yes! You can relive the magic!) Visit CMTV14's website ( for more info. We'll probably let you know on the blog, too.

Also, keep your 4th Tuesday open in February because FAVES is returning to its normal schedule with a Film Critics Panel on February 23rd! Check back at favesblog for more info in a week or two.

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