Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reel Spokane, FAVES Meeting, Student Productions and "BladeRunner": This Month Rocks

What's going on in December:

Reel Spokane: a homegrown film event

Got a great short or kickin’ music video you made sitting around? Want other people to view and appreciate your genius?

Just in case you haven’t already heard: In lieu of holding a December panel, FAVES is sponsoring Reel Spokane: A Homegrown Film Event at the Magic Lantern on Tuesday, December 15th.

All films under five minutes in length and entirely created in the Inland Northwest are eligible for submission. All genres from documentary to animation are accepted and there’s no submission fee.

The due date for submissions is December 1st, so get your reels in the mail! Or deliver in person to CMTV! Submissions must be made either on DV tape or as a data file on DVD and can be dropped off marked “ATTN: FAVES/ReelSpokane” at CMTV on the fourth floor of the Saranac Building, 25 W Main, Suite 436, Spokane, WA 99201, OR at SFCC C/O Ira Gardner, Photography Building 11, 3410 W. Fort George Wright Dr. - Spokane, WA 99224-5288.

Submission rules and form are available here:

If for some reason you need to make special arrangements for submission or are unable to meet the December 1st deadline, but would still like to participate, email for further instructions.

Committee Meeting this Tuesday: FAVES Wants Your Brain (in an Entirely Non-Zombie Way)!

You are smart. You like film and video. You like FAVES. You have ideas for future FAVES events. You have ideas about how to improve FAVES. And if you don’t have ideas to share, you have skills. If you don’t have skills, you’ve got enthusiasm!

Attend FAVES’ monthly committee meeting this coming Tuesday, December 1st at 6pm at ZOLA (22 W. Main Ave., across from the Magic Lantern), and help make FAVES more awesome.

FAVES is community-oriented and community-run, so if you want FAVES to do something, you can make it happen with the rest of the FAVES committee. Anyone can join (or at least show up for moral support).

ewu student cinema december 1st, 3rd and 4th

Support local film students and maybe even discover the next Soderbergh this week in Cheney. Sixteen student adaptations will be screened over the course of three nights.
Stop by the University’s Radio and Television Building Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights starting at 7pm to see all the student productions. Admission is free. Call (509) 353-6309 for more info, or to make arrangements for those with special needs.


“A futuristic vision perfected”: “Blade runner [2007 final cut]” is the final film in spiff’s “professor series”

EWU’s Professor Marvin Smith will present “Blade Runner [2007 Final Cut]” as the last installment the Spokane International Film Festival’s “Professor Series.” Catch the movie and participate in a Q&A session with Professor Smith on Wednesday, December 2nd at 7pm at the Magic Lantern Theatre (25 W. Main). Tickets are $5—the knowledge you’ll gain is priceless.

Need to get the word out about an event or just have something to say to FAVES? Email: and we’ll get back to you.


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