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May 26th Documentary Filmmaker Panel

May 26th, 2009 FAVES Documentary Film Panel
This was a panel discussion I helped organize and host. It was only the second meeting of a new grassroots arts organization FAVES, that has been formed in partnership with Community Minded Television and the Magic Lantern Theater. Special thanks go to Tom Dineen and Juan Mas who I have worked closely with the put this together.

J Clements
Clements holds a MA from Stanford University (filmmaking program) and has over 20 years experience in all stages of filmmaking. She has produced films that are distributed through New Day Films that have aired on the Discovery Channel and PBS and is a consultant for Independent Television Service. As a consultant Clements works with filmmakers on all stages of production including, initial concept, funding sources, production schedules and budget, crew dynamics, editing consultation, and distribution and outreach.

For more information about her films you can checkout:

Irv Broughten
Living in Spokane, Washington, Irv Broughton is an author and independent film and video producer known for his films on American writers Frank Stanford and George Garret. He has also taught documentary film studies at Spokane Falls Community College for thirty-three years.

Broughton is the author of ten books including The art of interviewing for television, radio, and film and Producers on Producing which are considered required reading in many film schools. Broughten is also widely known for his book, Creating an Empire ESPN - The No-Holds-Barred Story of Power, Ego, Money, and Vision That Transformed a Culture.

Broughton’s latest documentary represents a 30 year project devoted to the life story of George Garrett. His production is a testimony to the value of storytelling and the changing technology used to document it.

Colin Mulvany
"I want to tell stories the local TV news stations, with their breathless reporters, doing live stand-ups of stale stories, fail to do anymore."– Colin Mulvany in the Wall Street Journal September 2005

Colin has worked as a photojournalist with the Spokesman Review for over 20 years. In 1996 he was named photojournalist of the year by the Harry Chapin Media Awards and has been honored by the National Press Photographers Association, AP, Gordon Parks Center, and the Picture of the Year International Photojournalism
Awards. four years ago Colin made the transition from still photography to video and became the newspaper’s first multimedia producer. His video blog receives over 100,000 hits a month and was featured in the Wall Street Journal as being an example of things to come for print news media.

Colin has traveled throughout the country as part of the National Press Photographers Association “Flying Short Course” training newspaper staff in
the technical skills needed for the 21st Century documentary journalist. He is also the author of the blog ”Mastering Multimedia” that is tracked by journalist all over the world.

You can find out more by checking out:

Bob Lawrence
Bob is a producer and director for the KSPS documentary series “Northwest Profiles” which has been telling the stories of interesting people in our region for 22 years. He is one of our regions most well known and respected story tellers.

In addition to short biographical pieces featured in the Series Northwest Profiles, Lawrence works on many of the longer documentary films that KSPS produces such as the recent film about the Fox Theatre renovation “21st Century Fox.” KSPS followed the project for the past three years and has captured every aspect of the renovation.

You can see examples of Bob Lawrence’s work on Northwest profiles by visiting:

David Tanner
Producer, Director, North by Northwest Productions
President of the Nonfiction Program Division

With over 20 years in the industry, David Tanner has worked in multiple capacities on numerous feature films, and is the Executive Producer of The Basket (distributed nationally by MGM) and Mel (HBO and Showtime). He produced and directed a high definition feature documentary on street basketball called 3 on 3 (premiered fall 2004 on HDNet) and served as producer of In Time of War (broadcast on American Public Television and accepted in 92 PBS markets nationwide), as well as Take Me Home, a documentary short accepted to the largest international children’s festival, Kids First! Film and Video Festival. Tanner is one of the founders of North by Northwest and heads the Nonfiction Programming Division. As a commercial director, Tanner has received numerous awards including a national Addy promoting the Congress on Race Relations. He has produced ads for the Portland Trail Blazers, American Psychiatric Association, Albertsons, Micron Electronics, and Oregon Health Sciences University. His most recent project was directing an award-winning cross-platform public information project for the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Megan Schuyler
Schuyler is a producer/video editor for the Non-Fiction Division of North by Northwest, a production company in Spokane, Washington. She graduated from Washington State University as the Outstanding Graduate of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, with a BA in Broadcast

Megan and her twin sister Mallory founded GryffinClaw Productions, LLC, in support of their production of a feature length documentary “The Wizard Rockumentary” which chronicles the cult phenomena of music based upon the Harry Potter book and movie series. The sisters write on their website, “We're taking a chance with our time, money, and energies for something that we love and we are having a freaking blast!”

You can find out more about their film at:

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