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Rundown of the Quicky 2009: A Spokane Short Film Event

The Following is taken directly from the Flyer created by Pete Porter for the event, links provided to videos already available on the internet, if the creator would like us to remove the link please or can point us in the direction of where your video can be found online, let us know:

Sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Film at Eastern Washington University
104 RTV, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA 99004 Phone: 509 359-6390

Our Goal: Bring Spokane-area filmmakers and their supporters together for an evening of films and conversation, and hopefully, some networking. Our ultimate goal is entirely selfish: we love good movies and want to see more of them. To keep it going, join the Film and Video Enthusiasts of Spokane (FAVES): Visit for more info.

Please stick around after the show for Q & A with the filmmakers.

The Show:

Little Monkey on the Roam chronicles the journey of a little monkey who leaves the circus to travel the world’s most famous landmarks. Shot entirely on greenscreen, Little Monkey on the Roam is the first official music video for the children’s musical duo Jenks (Corey Jenkins, 2009, 4 mins.).

Busy Hands: A young roofer’s wife is pregnant. He digs out his old baseball glove while she decorates the house with her childhood dolls. Through the pregnancy, he struggles with his intentions to live better and the possibility of a daughter. Will he have what it takes to nurture the opposite sex? (Brian Herrin, 2009, 8 mins., narrative).

Walking to Wyoming was filmed outside of Edwall with country music artist Earl Wear (Scott Litchfield, 2008, 4 mins., music video).

Scott and the Squirrels: Scott is a new park ranger with a dark secret…he’s terrified of squirrels! He must undergo serious therapy to conquer his squirrel phobia, beat the bad guy and win the girl. A Spokane Premiere! (Corey Jenkins, 2006, 9 mins., narrative).

Tie Fidelityis the story of a talking, time-travelling necktie with abandonment issues (Kevin Merritt and Taylor Adams, 2008, 5 mins., narrative).

Arabella is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who desires to connect to the world around her. She soon discovers that finding love and growing up are more difficult than she thought. Adapted from Araby by James Joyce (Maggie Dority, 2009, 15 mins., narrative).

We’re Through, featuring Spokane musician James Pants, waxes a bit nostalgic for the earlier days of the music video (Aaron Fink, 2008, 5 mins.).

Midnight Mine explores the long-term effects of uranium exposure on the Spokane Indian Reservation (Jeff Ferguson, 2008, 8 mins., documentary).

We: A struggling musician takes a moment to relive his past experiences with a former girlfriend (Adam Harum, 2008, 4 mins., music video).

The Extraordinary Tale of the Princess, the Prince, and the Enduring Darkness is a modern fairy tale exploring body image (Brittani Kelly, 2009, 7 mins., narrative).

A Morning on Maple Street is a quick peek into the lives of the residents of Maple Street and how, on one particular morning, they all become connected (Adam Boyd, 2008, 8 mins., narrative).

V-Day: On Valentine’s Day, a grocery store clerk has a chance encounter with Elle, an extroverted young woman who convinces him to defy the socially-accepted norms of the holiday and come help her steal a friend’s car (Adam Harum, 2009, 11 mins., narrative).

The Stunt: Watch as Buzz McThunder, famed stuntman and daredevil, prepares for the most thrilling feat he has ever attempted (Adam Boyd, 2007, 3 mins., narrative).

Bull-Terrier: The Ultimate Dark Adventure of Dewey Davis the Trucker: Two screenwriters have completely different concepts for their next screenplay: a film about a superhero (Adam Harum, 2009, 7 mins., narrative).

James Pants: Curry King is a cooking show with a twist (Aaron Fink, 2009, 10 mins.).

Summertime in the 50nine revels in the sights and sounds that are summer in Spokane (Alex Magaña, 2008, 4 mins., music video).

And I Feel Fine: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and all Zeke wants to do is bury his sister Sara (Taylor Adams, 2008, 14 mins. narrative).

The 2009 Quicky Award winners are
1st Place: And I Feel Fine, by Taylor Adams
2nd Place: James Pants: Curry King, by Aaron Fink
3rd Place: Morning on Maple Street, by Adam Boyd
Honorable Mention: We, by Adam Harum
Honorable Mention: Little Monkey on the Roam, by Corey Jenkins.

Thanks to Dan Webster and Mary Pat Treuthart of Movies 101 for judging the 2009 Quicky Awards. Movies 101 plays on KPBX 91.1 fm, on Friday at 6:30pm and on KSFC, 91.9 fm on Saturday at 6 pm.

More gratitudes from Quicky 2009 director Pete Porter: To Alex Magaña for getting Quicky off the ground by enlisting Stas Oganov to design our flyer. To everyone who submitted their work; we hope to see you all back next year. BIG thanks to all of those who have supported the filmmakers whose work made our event possible. To Ira Gardner and FAVES for their support and enthusiasm. To Austin Regimbal and Adam Boyd for screening entries and recommending their picks. To our hosts The Magic Lantern. To the faculty and staff of the Department of Theatre and Film at Eastern Washington University: Marvin Smith, Tom Mullin, Sarah Monroe, Sara Goff, Don McLaughlin, Edie Evans, Pam Bumpas, and Steve Patterson. Finally, to our students who make it all possible.

We hope to do this again. Check for future updates. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Quicky 2009 director Pete Porter or 509 359-6136.

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  1. LOVED The Stunt! Fuckit! It was brilliant....we laughed outloud and hard! Thank you!